About Leanne Hatch

The newest Plueys collaboration is with Leanne Hatch, a textile and graphic designer from Seattle. Not a stranger to kids, Leanne also owns a clothing line that specializes in quirky graphic tees inspired by the mischievous, curious and creative minds of children everywhere.

What do you love most about the rain?
I live in Washington State and the rain is what makes it so beautiful and green. I love breathing in the fresh air after a rainfall.  I could do without the slugs and snails though.
What’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
I like to watch cheesy “made for TV” movies while organizing my closets, work on one of my many sewing projects, or do crafts with my two small children, Wes and Lucy. They help me to be more creative.
What’s your rainy day gear like?
I grew up in Seattle where it rains a lot, so enjoy dressing up for the rain. I wear my Plueys with jeans and a comfy sweater, and I carry a retractable umbrella in my bag at all times.
What was the inspiration behind your designs?
Baa Baa Blues was inspired by a childhood memory of a vintage tapestry with oversized graphic elements and denim texture. It's a fun interpretation of the animal print.
The kaleidoscope design began as an experiment.  I wanted to try something I had never done before. It is a very different style for me since I typically create looser, more illustrated artwork.  It was fun to see this pattern evolve from something very complex to a simpler and more wearable psychedelic print using a strong color and pastel accents.
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